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Managing Career Success and Home Life

“Jeanne was a master and was relentless in holding me accountable to taking the steps I needed to take to move forward. Jeanne is a leader at heart, and knows how to inculcate confidence and poise in any dynamic business environment. As a working parent with a large family, I am grateful for her coaching…”

Bobby D., Sr. Sales Manager – Pharmaceuticals

Leadership Confidence for Working Moms

 “Jeanne’s guidance and mentorship….has given me the strength and courage to make tough, but necessary, decisions to support my team, the business, as well as myself. Her encouragement and advice has pushed me out of my comfort zone and brought me a new level of confidence I might not have otherwise had.”  

Sarah S., Director - Healthcare


“As a working mom, I was really moved and inspired because Jeanne not only gave us tactical things we could do and shared statistics and things that really opened my mind, but also really opened my heart to see where maybe it was my mindset that is slowing me down…having aspirations and this tug of war can be really hard to manage in your career. I just want to say thank you, Jeanne.  This was such an empowering speech.”  Alexis C. – Marketing Professional

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