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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have other questions?  Click the button below and let's get connected!

Are your services only for working moms?

Not at all.  If you are woman in the workplace, you have very similar challenges as the working mom.  While you may not have obligations due to children, you have relationships and other obligations that can often be overlooked.  Whether you have no plans for children, you may want children in the future or you are a fur-baby mom, you will value the programs and services offered from Jeanne Yohn Coaching, LLC.



I'm a working mom that would like my workplace to understand my needs better.  Do you work with employers?

Absolutely.  Hit the contact button below and we will work together to set up how we can introduce the topic of working mom needs to your employer.  



Do you have programs or services an employer (or DEI professionals) that wants to support working moms in our organization?

Absolutely, there are several ways in which we can serve employers and their working mom.  We work together with organizations to develop a plan to make a positive change for your valuable working moms...and better overall outcomes for you.  Click the button below and let's get a conversation started about your needs.  




I'm a working mom with grown kidsI put off pursuing my career goals because I feared it would jeopardize my family time. Now my career is stalled and I'm not taken seriously.  Can you help?

This is a very a common situation for many working moms.  Yes, the program for working moms is designed to help ALL working moms and women in the workplace. Whether you have young kiddos, grown children or no children, Jeanne Yohn Coaching is here to help. Click the button below and let's discuss your situation.

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