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About Jeanne Yohn Coaching, LLC

At Jeanne Yohn Coaching, LLC (JYC), we work with employers to improve their profits by 10% or more by tapping into their most valuable workforce....WOMEN AND WORKING MOMS!


The mission of JYC is to help employers improve engagement, reduce costs and move even more women into executive leadership positions.  We do this by providing their women and working moms with the training, skills and confidence to reach their full potential in the workplace AND at home.

Meet Jeanne Yohn

Jeanne Yohn is a sought-after mentor and coach with over 30 years of experience in coaching, training, and career development.


Working in the highly male dominated industry of pharmaceuticals, Jeanne reached the vice president level while raising two boys with her husband.  She has lived the challenges of the working mom with career ambitions while keeping her family time a priority.


Jeanne is now passionate about helping working moms learn from her mistakes and understand how to create harmony between a successful career and being a great mom.  

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