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What Employers Should Know About Working Moms



I help businesses increase their profits by at least 10% when they tap into their most valuable workforce....WOMEN AND WORKING MOMS! 

The Working Mom And Stress

 The McKinsey & Co Women in the Workplace Report tells us the burnout, stress and exhaustion for women in the workplace is greater than it is for men...and the gap is growing.

For the working mom, these factors may impact her mental and physical health or her desire to grow or advance in her career.

Why Working Moms Leave Their Employer

....flexibility, advancement opportunities and an employer that is committed to their well being.

Your valuable workforce of high performing working moms are looking for and finding employers that meets those needs.

....which is increasing your COSTS!


The Solution

The working mom needs to see how her OWN limiting beliefs, thinking and decisions often do not serve her work or at home.

A new corporate initiative is not enough.

But with the right help, she'll have the practical, easy tools to make the needed changes to create success in her career and harmony between work and family.


Click the button below and let's start a conversation about your needs.  


Virtual or On-Site Presentations

Laughing During a Meeting

Group Training for Working Moms

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