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The Goal: Thriving Working Moms

How does a working mom thrive in the workplace AND at home?


Working moms want practical, easy ways to change their thoughts and actions that gets results without taking more of their precious time. 


What they deserve is the time to be a great mom AND have that exciting professional career with the income and recognition they deserve.  That is what thriving working moms look like.     

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Who I Serve

Why are working moms feeling over-worked, under-valued and nearing burn out both at work and home more than ever before? 


What is the impact on her family...and her employer? 

Why are more high performing, driven and talented working moms self-selecting out of career advancement?  

Click on one of the buttons below to learn more....AND what you can do about it!

Working Mom

Learn how Working Moms create harmony between a successful career and their precious family time

Employer or DEI Professional

Employers or DEI professionals interested in understanding the REAL needs of working moms


Event Planners, Associations or other organizations in search of an impactful speaker for their events

Let's Get Connected

Have questions or want more information on how I can serve you?  Fill out the form or schedule a call. I look forward to connecting with you!

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